Mac OS X Server - Basic Applications and Utilities

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Basic Applications and Utilities

After setting up Snow Leopard Server, you can manage users and groups, change
essential service settings, and perform other basic server administration tasks using the
applications and utilities described below. For information about using them, see the
other chapters in this book.


If you have versions of these applications and utilities from Mac OS X Server

v10.5 Leopard or earlier, do not use them with Snow Leopard Server.

Applications and utilities for server administrators

iCal Server Utility (in /Applications/Server/)
Create, edit, and delete the locations and resources that users can reserve when they schedule
meetings in shared calendars hosted by iCal Server.

Server Assistant
Set up Mac OS X Server for the first time. Install Mac OS X Server on a remote computer.

Server Preferences (in /Applications/Server/)
Manage users and groups, customize services and system information, and monitor server activity.

Server Status widget for Dashboard
Monitor server activity from any Mac with Snow Leopard.

System Preferences (in /Applications/)
Connect your server to a directory server in your organization. Configure Time Machine backup of
the server. Configure sharing for a directly connected USB or FireWire printer.

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Chapter 1

Introducing Mac OS X Server