Mac OS X Server - Using Onscreen Help 

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Using Onscreen Help

You can get task instructions in the onscreen help system while you’re managing
Mac OS X Server. You can view help on a server or an administrator computer. (An
administrator computer is a Mac OS X computer with Mac OS X Server administration
software installed on it. For information, see “Preparing an Administrator Computer” on
page 51.)

To get help with a server administration application:
Open Server Preferences, Server Admin, Workgroup Manager, or another application


located in /Applications/Server/ and then:

To get information about options in a pane or dialog with a help button, click the


help button.
To browse and search help topics, choose the application’s help from the Help menu.


For example, choose Help > Server Preferences Help while you’re using Server

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Chapter 11

Learning More

To search for a task you want to perform, use the search field at the top of the Help



Server Preferences Help contains all the instructions from this book for managing
a server that has its own users and groups or is configured to import users. Server
Preferences Help contains additional topics that focus more narrowly than the book on
specialized tasks.

For more information about server administration applications, open Server Admin
and then use the Help menu to search for “tools and applications,” or see the Mac OS X
Server Resources website at

To see the most current server help topics:
Make sure the server or administrator computer is connected to the Internet while


you’re getting help.
Help Viewer automatically retrieves and caches the most current server help topics
from the Internet. When not connected to the Internet, Help Viewer displays cached
help topics.