Mac OS X Server - Preparing an Administrator Computer

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Preparing an Administrator Computer

You can use an administrator computer to install and set up Mac OS X Server on
another computer over the network. The remote server doesn’t need a display.

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Chapter 2

Getting Ready for Mac OS X Server

As illustrated below, you start up the server using the Mac OS X Server Install Disc
and then use Server Assistant on the administrator computer to perform a remote
installation and setup.



Target server

with DVD drive



You can also use an administrator computer to manage the server remotely after setup.

You make a computer with Mac OS X v10.6 into an administrator computer by installing
server administration software on it. If you have another server with Mac OS X Server
v10.6 already set up, you can use it as an administrator computer as well.

To set up an administrator computer:


Make sure the Mac OS X computer has Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard installed.


Insert the Mac OS X Server Administration Tools disc.


Open the Installers folder.


Double-click ServerAdministrationSoftware.mpkg to open the Installer, and then follow

the onscreen instructions.

For information about using an administrator computer, see “Installing Remotely” on
page 57, “Setting Up a Server Remotely” on page 65, and “Connecting Server
Preferences to a Remote Server” on page 77.

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