Mac OS X Server - Changing a User’s Group Membership

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Changing a User’s Group Membership

You can add a user to a group or remove a user from a group by clicking Groups in the
Users pane.

Click to begin editing
membership, and then
click to finish editing

Select the checkbox of
each group you want
the user to belong to

Group members can access the group’s file sharing folder, and they can be added to
each other’s iChat buddy lists automatically. Group members can also be given access
to private wikis by the wiki owners. Group members’ access to each of these services is
subject to it being turned on and the group being allowed to access it.

You can’t remove a user from the permanent group named Workgroup, which always
includes all users as members.

For information about adding, removing, or configuring groups, see
Chapter 8, “Managing Groups.”

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Chapter 6

Managing Users