Mac OS X Server - Deleting a User Account

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Deleting a User Account

You can use Server Preferences to delete user accounts that are no longer needed for
your server.

To delete a user account:


In the Users pane of Server Preferences, select the user account you want to delete in

the list on the left.


Click the Delete (–) button.

Deleting a user account cancels its group memberships and stops its access to group
services and private wikis. Deleting a user account also deletes the user’s mail stored
on the server. A deleted user account can no longer access calendars and address book
information on the server.

Deleting a user account doesn’t remove the user’s backup data. If the Time Machine
preferences on the deleted user’s computer were set to use the server for backup
storage, the user’s backup data remains in /Shared Items/Backups/ on the backup disk
specified in the Time Machine pane of Server Preferences.

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Chapter 6

Managing Users