Mac OS X Server - Customizing Services Using Advanced Applications

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Customizing Services Using Advanced Applications

It’s easy to customize basic service settings with Server Preferences, but you can also
use Server Admin and the other advanced applications and tools listed in “Advanced
Tools and Applications” on page 27. You can use the advanced applications and tools
to customize many additional service settings. You can also turn on services that aren’t
shown in Server Preferences, such as Podcast Producer and QuickTime Streaming
Server. For information about advanced services, options, and applications, open Server
Admin and then use the Help menu, or see the Mac OS X Server Resources website at


Before using Server Admin or other advanced application to change service

settings that you normally manage with Server Preferences, carefully note the current
settings in the advanced application in case you need to revert to them. For example,
you can save a screen shot of each pane and dialog before changing settings in it.
(For information about taking screen shots, switch to the Finder and then use the
Help menu.)

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